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The Work
Group Therapy with Folsom Prison Inmates

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Comments (7)

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I will never forget this doc. Bravery channeled by wisdom leads to healing. Thank you to everyone who made this film and who participated in the therapy. My eyes and heart are more open. Much love.

Anonymous picture

incredible work being done by this organization.

Anonymous picture

Healing. Powerful.

Anonymous picture

This is incredible! (And?) difficult to watch at times...truly stranger than fiction!

Mr. "In my head, I'm a PRINCE!" was he had a death wish.

Anonymous picture

That was incredibly powerful to experience. It really helped me to understand some of my own pain, my fears, anger and frustration with how life is for me in this moment. It also helped me to see the good in people...their inherent innocence and need for love. Thank you to all who had the ...Read more

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Simon avatar

That was an INTENSE doc... When I wasn't crying, I was sniffling! Well worth watching though!