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Woman Walks Ahead
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Michelle avatar

Excellent and very sad movie. A tragic time in our history. I had a friend who said, "Thank God I'm not white." I never understood then This movie helped me understand. Yes, there are sometimes I regret being white. My people have done more to destroy other ethnicities and people. Yes, an ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Very good movie. Love reflecting back into history.

Anonymous picture

This movie was much more than just fighting for their land but for their rights as human beings to their unique culture and way of life. Struck a chord with me.

Anonymous picture

perhaps ms chastain's sparkling smile is needed to get america to watch yet another page in the ongoing genocide of our native peoples. the film ends tragically, but in fact wounded knee was not the end of the lakota. last winter dakota women braved rubber bullets & water cannons in ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Thank you. We must keep in mind the fact that US policy toward treaties and the rights of people of color, indeed the rights of the vast majority of humans - ignoring them - has not changed. Killing innocent noncombatants, men, women and children, continues at an increasing pace. Shooting ...Read more

Anonymous picture

wow, we were so impressed with this movie , what a classic.

Anonymous picture

Worth watching for many reasons. It's heartbreaking in so many ways. I hope that schools in America today are doing a better job of teaching the real history of what white men did to the American Indians when they came to settle. And we're seeing what happens even today when people in ...Read more

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Anonymous picture

A bit put off by the white woman being front and center in a story that affected Indian lives and lead to their deaths, not hers. Chafes me. Well done for what it was.

Anonymous picture

What does it matter what color or race she was, she acted like a true woman, who has my respect. She was a role model for w o m a n , regardless of white, black, red or yellow skin. If all women could be brave, compassionate and self-respecting, like her, we would live in a better world.

Anonymous picture

a shame they dont teach actual American history in our schools.

Anonymous picture

This is an American story about its peoples from every perspective. Only a few had enough courage to stand up and tell their truth. America didn't want to listen to that tuth then and it doesn't want to listen now. We're doomed to repeat our history as long as we don't value each other enough ...Read more

Anonymous picture

An excellent story. Well worth watching.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

Personally, I attended the woman march this last year. I was curious. I was there, Although I don't agree with all there political view (you have to realize I'm FROM Santa Fe) I think it's not a bad thing what is going on right now. This movie touched on these topics and I respect that ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Mesmerizing. This is going to be with me for a long time. Michael Greyeyes is tremendous.

Anonymous picture

Very Good movie. Michael Greyeyes....