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Wolf Guy
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Wolf Guy
Urufu gai: Moero ôkami-otoko

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Comments (9)

Anonymous picture

Please watch this.

Faye avatar

After seeing Sonny Chiba as Hatori Hanzo, and other films, this one even though it is entertaining is not what I would have expected of Mr Chiba;
In my humble opinion, I would have liked this even better if it was done in medieval Japan.

Sarah avatar

A funky action/horror mashup that doesn't skimp on shootouts. Wolf Guy focuses less on narrative cohesion and instead delivers extravagant visual effects that are perfect for fans of gore.

Wolf Guy ultimately succeeds with its eclectic score and boldness in defying viewer ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Didn't know what to expect at first but it was awesome!

Anonymous picture

Chiba's great in this picture, and a few of the action sequences are a visceral pleasure to watch, reminiscent of "The Story of Ricky," although never quite reaching that film's sublime over-the top quality. And what's more, this has one hell of a great musical score. But the sexuality in ...Read more

Anonymous picture


Psychedelic funk,
werewolves, gangsters, ghost tigers:
I miss this decade.

Anonymous picture

I enjoyed this film although I usually tend to lean away from story lines packed with a lot of violence. It dealt with some dark and unsettling themes though through over-the-top acting and interesting editing techniques, they were more digestible. I think that the soundtrack for the entirety ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A really bizarre potpourri – a gritty Tokyo underground crime story mixed with werewolves, body horror sci-fi, government conspiracies, and an oddly Oedipal love story. All this captured with stylish, grainy cinematography and a 70s funk soundtrack. Completely unique and a lot of fun.

Anonymous picture

You kind of forget about the plot holes when the Wolf goes ape on a gang of bad guys. Not having watched a genre movie from this era in a while, I was pleasantly surprised with all the half nude women. Very 70's, very Japanese, very fun.