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The Witness
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The Witness

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Comments (5)

Anonymous picture

Very touching. Very thoughtful. I liked especially learning about Kitty as a person, not just a victim. I was struck by the fact that the killer’s son was not able to accept any truth about his father, unlike Kiity’ s brother.

Anonymous picture

The documentary is more about Kitty's brother Bill and his personal search for truth and closure. It nevertheless sheds some interesting light on events, and narrates the story in layers, offering each new element sequentially to construct a story...

Itro avatar

I learned about this case in Criminal Justice Class. I wanted to know more about it and this documentary really gave it a lot of good information that I needed to know. I think that this was a good documentary that it gave perspective from not only the family members of Kitty, but from the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The Kitty Genovese documentary is very good. I especially liked the use of animation in the documentary.

Lauren avatar

A very well done and personal documentary about a brother trying to find out the truth about his sister who was famously murdered 50 years ago. I had briefly heard about this case in college but learned so much more about it here. What was most interesting to me was how it was misrepresented ...Read more