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What's Eating Gilbert Grape
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What's Eating Gilbert Grape

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Anonymous picture

DiCaprio was so good in his early days, this, "The Basketball Diaries". Besides the fact that he's cute, I've never understood the appeal of Depp. Though Pirates aside, he's often chosen interesting roles. Never cared for Hallstrom either, though the great Sven Nykvist comes up with some ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Long before Johnny was swept away by pirate ships and Leo became a Wolf on Wall Street, both were fine young actors who took on challenging character roles--no better example of that than this minor classic. No special effects, just a great script and some very talented performers.

Anonymous picture

This film could have been made yesterday if it weren't for the fact that it is much earlier days for DiCaprio and Depp. Great story - great acting. A must see classic.

Anonymous picture

Very slow moving... amazing performances. Visually and emotionally arresting ending.

Anonymous picture

Another Johnny Depp must see classic.