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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

Excellent! Charming and amusing.

Kenneth avatar

I heard about this film as I was preparing for a trip to Mons, Belgium--just outside the Ch'tis language area. It's a fun film, especially if you can speak a little French, but it's not necessary. It basically plays with the stereotypes of South and North France, the people, the culture, and ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Très chamant comme ma ville.

Anonymous picture

Ça me rend heureux.

Anonymous picture

great movie! gives hope for people to always get along despite all the differences...


Absolutely terrific. Saw it when it first came out and it was wonderful to see it again. A+++++

Anonymous picture

Not bad if you need something just really light-fare, a little bit mindless and goofy. We all need a break from seriousness, and this film full of light-hearted antics achieves that. 3 stars.