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Two Men in Manhattan
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Two Men in Manhattan
Deux hommes dans Manhattan

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

The only one of Melviille's films I've been tempted to use the word "charm" to describe, even maybe "fun." Not a masterwork on the order of later films nor, it seems, even intended the same way, but certainly well-shot and short enough to render its simple convention well without suffering ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Slow moving, though good cinematographic views of Manhattan in the late 1950s; worth a look for this reason alone. People were somewhat more trusting then than now.

Anonymous picture

Dumb, dumb, dumb. If you want a travelogue of Manhattan with flimsy plot, this may appeal. Otherwise, skip.

Anonymous picture

Bright lights, shiny cars, jazz and Manhattan c. 1960. Great job on cinematography. Wasn't thrilled with the camera movement, but a lot of stock footage rendering a documentary quality to the narrative. Worth watching. French ending.

Edwin avatar

Great Classic Movie & Excellent Act Mr. Pierre Melville's ^_^
Good Quality and Images

Tosh avatar

I love Melville's films, and this early work I think is masterful. I love how he uses the location of Times Square New York, but once he enters an interior space, it looks like Paris!