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Tom of Finland
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Tom of Finland

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Comments (9)

Anonymous picture

A great historical glimpse into the life of a gay man and his treatment within society. I loved the scope of the film and how it focused not only on Finland but also Germany and the US.

Anonymous picture

A well-acted and empathetic portrayal of a gay icon. The focus is Tom's earlier years before he is discovered in the US. However, once he arrives in America, the film looses its narrative cohesiveness. Much action is packed into a short period of time and the poor editing hinders the ...Read more

Noora avatar

I love this movie. I was always interested in Tom and his art, but never knew much about him and his life. He's remarkable, and this movie does it well. I went in expecting a mediocre movie, but boy was I surprised.
Favorite thing about Tom? his drawing defined decades of ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Lovely movie, does justice to Tom. His impact on the gay male world was immense ... uh, huge.

Graciela avatar

Interesting approach to the life and work of Tom of Finland. Not a great movie but overall enjoyable.

Anonymous picture

The drawings have never appealed to me in the past. This film let me see what they meant in the lives of so many men.

Pier avatar

As the film progressed I started to get more and more involved with it. Overall, Tom of Finland is a very good microcosm of his life. Main performers were great as was a good deal of the cinematography which gave us some beautiful wide shots of real quality.

Anonymous picture

i liked it, but was a little disappointed the piece "FTW" didn't figure more prominently

Anonymous picture

This was really good. great acting, great camera work. I found it emotionally stirring at some points.