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Tim Wise: On White Privilege
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Tim Wise: On White Privilege

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Comments (6)

Amiru avatar

That was awesome Tim wise is really good in this area.

Joyce avatar

For segment on Class in CRJ 412

Anonymous picture

Tim Wise is a excellent orator. Glad to see him on kanopy!

Anonymous picture

There are some great concepts here, watch and enjoy the enlightenment...

Anonymous picture

This presentation with this presenter needs more attention. I really enjoyed watching this guy.
I notice there is only one comment on the video. I was expecting hundred of comments and found only one. Tim, talk about our country being in denial!

Anonymous picture
Alisha Hough

I thought the delivery and the context was a great eye-opener to the said privileges, I didn't realize I'm a recipient of until now - undeniably! Including our nation.