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Theodore Roosevelt
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Theodore Roosevelt

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George Washington
A leader of the American Revolution and the first President of the United States, George Washington became a symbol of democracy and an ideal candidate for honoring on Mount Rushmore.
Thomas Jefferson
The author of the Declaration of Independence, a strong voice for the defense of liberty, and the architect behind the largest territorial expansion in United States history, this episode examines…
Abraham Lincoln
A champion of the American Union in its darkest hour, Abraham Lincoln's unbreakable faith in the United States and his role in ending slavery earn him a place on Mount…
Theodore Roosevelt
A popular President whose respect for natural beauty was unequaled, and whose foreign policy brought several new territories under US control, Theodore Roosevelt takes the final space on Mount Rushmore
The Crazy Horse Memorial
The construction of Mount Rushmore was looked upon unfavorably by Native Americans who were promised the Black Hills in a treaty later broken by the United States. In order to…
The Making of Mount Rushmore
The planning and construction of Mount Rushmore took nearly two decades. In this episode, meet the minds and sculptors behind one of America's most iconic landmarks.
Mount Rushmore National Park
Surrounding Mount Rushmore is a beautiful national park. Explore the landscape, the caves, and the vantages of Mount Rushmore National Park!