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Summer Vacation
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Summer Vacation

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Comments (10)

Anonymous picture

Very moving short film. I really enjoyed it!

Anonymous picture

Beautiful short! the turmoil in Yifacth's character is palpable, but so is his love for Oded's character.

Anonymous picture

Well rounded story.

Anonymous picture

Well done little short. Packed a lot into a small time-frame. Bravo.

Anonymous picture

This really goes to the heart of the matter. The gay aspect is a little irrelevant: straight people realise they make mistakes and usually one person is very hurt. Can we REALLY love someone else whilst hating ourselves. The married man states that he hates himself in other words and actions ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Amateur hour; well, half-an-hour. Don't bother.

Anonymous picture

As gay people who have lived both inside and outside the closet, we have experienced the difficulties of living in-hiding, imagining all the while that a break out will be impossible.

However, once out, we couldn't understand how we had remained hidden away for so long.

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Nice Film.

Anonymous picture

He is trapped in two worlds, but he can't hide his love.

L avatar

Not really a romance