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Having read the book first I was mesmerized by the colors and sounds of the film. I was prepared for the atrocities of the story and felt the film handled them with grace toward the true victims. This is a real problem and hopefully we will stand together to stop human trafficking.

Anonymous picture

The acting was excellent but it is a very sad topic. Those girls have no childhood. This is a good charity to support.

Anonymous picture

I read both the book and watched this movie based on the novel by Patrick McCormick. I felt that this film adaptation made appropriate changes without distracting from the message in the book.

That being said, I still recommend reading the book ask well, because getting to hear the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Heart wrenching tale about a little Indian girl who is forced into a brothel. Ends in a hopeful place and for anyone who has seen the doc ‘Born Into Brothels’, you’ll be interested to see Gillian Anderson play a role based on the American photographer.