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Till det som är vackert

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Comments (14)

Anonymous picture

So impressed by Vikander's talent.

Anonymous picture

Alicia was wonderful. Too many hole in the movie--lost me about half way through.

Eusebiu avatar

Great movie

Anonymous picture

Just like Jennifer Lawrence in Winter's Bone, this is Alicia's ticket to the Oscar in Danish Girl. Utterly gorgeous girl who is so vulnerable here, it's painful. The ending is much too rushed but still a fine film with Alicia showing a great range in her performance. Thanks to Kanopy this ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Alicia did a great job. I felt her pain. Good movie. The climax could have been stronger.

Anonymous picture

Maybe I love tragedy too much, but I felt the ending was weak and really hurt the story. I wanted to see her take on and solve her problems or succumb to them, not for the story to take the easy way out. Still a very strong movie.

Anonymous picture

Enjoyed this very much. In some ways predictable but I loved how it somehow became a subtle thriller in the end. Vikander's acting was wonderful! Good fun and the music was spot on.

Anonymous picture

This was hard to watch. Had to skip forward to the end. Meh.

Tim avatar

A poignant film delivering a powerful theme, the downtrodden can transcend status quo, can embrace the beauty of their soul and art. Alicia Vikander is exquiste as the protagonist, bringing an indomitable spirit to women.

Anonymous picture

Vikander's character, Katarina, is stalked by her new coworker, Adam, the strong, powerful, mature man that attracts her like no other. Initially she is addicted to life as prey. She languors in his presence and gives herself up to his desires. Things turn for the worst, however — as movies ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A strong crazy movie.

Anonymous picture

Solid early performance from Alicia Vikander, who carries the entire piece. But as great as she is, it can't hide the fact the movies too soapy, predictable and ultimately unrewarding. I'd have sooner it dug deeper into the characters social divisions a little more than focusing on her ...Read more

Anonymous picture

glad to see someone else found it comical. it was a remarkably abrupt and convenient end to a conflict the movie had just spent 90 minutes constructing.

Jeffrey avatar

It's never "Pure." It's never simple. It's never elemental. It's always complex, mixed, complicated. For as many of these stories (powerfully and well presented as this one is), there are as many that can be told from the other side.