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The Mothers of Murdered Black and Latino Youth

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This film must be shown to every high school student attending a suburban school in middle america or city school. It provides a basis for discussion about many important topics. Community control and oversight of policing to penetrating"The Wall of Blue" are just 2 of the many sociological ...Read more

Anonymous picture

this is a very powerful documentary that needs to be seen by everyone. if you are not already deeply disturbed by the alarming number of murders by police of people of color, you surely will be once you watch this honest, compelling documentary. i urge you to see this film.

Anonymous picture

I agree with the previous person comments totally.
Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con los comentarios anteriores.
I encouraged every antiracist person to watch it.
Estoy alentando a todas las personas de tendencia antirracista para que lo vean.
A must see!
¡Debe ...Read more

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Every time I've watched this film, I've been moved to tears. The stories of the families who lost their loved ones to police brutality are powerfully rendered. What makes this film unique is that it brings these stories of police brutality together and sheds light on how we got here in the ...Read more

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Kathleen Foster

Documentaries are a great way to bring people together. But films don’t change the world, people do. At screenings of my film PROFILED, the strength and courage of families of black and Latino youth murdered by the police inspire thought-provoking discussions about the roots and consequences ...Read more