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Polina, danser sa vie

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Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

Like this movie. It is not just about dancing and dancers; more about a personal character development in difficult circumstances, even in the professional field the individual has been prepared to by all previous life. Binoche (as usual) is perfect in her naturality. In general, all actors ...Read more

soyoung avatar

i love this film. i've watched it now 3 times. the scene where she improvises for the first time with karl's students--i imagine she was interpreting a caribou's movements through her dance, her hands as antlers. her strength and determination to find her own way in the dance world made ...Read more

Susan avatar

What is the moose? Is the main character dancer hallucinating?

Anonymous picture

it's not literal a symbol. free, natural, unrestrained? use your imagination.

Anonymous picture

Love this film! Anyone who loves dance will enjoy this. Brilliant acting by Shevtsova, a professional ballerina in her debut cinema performance. Well worth watching her fight to stay true to her passion, despite the odds of success.

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Anonymous picture

This makes almost every movie I liked seem childish ^ ^". Every second of it was beautiful. Just like Amadeus, it almost made me believe I understand art. And I felt so identified with her journey from a well defined and accepted path to success to finding where you fit in the real world ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I specially liked the ending that wasn't left open, which is like how the way any journey will end is uncertain.