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Nobody From Nowhere
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Nobody From Nowhere
Un illustre inconnu

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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

definitely not Danny Kaye's Walter Mitty. They give too much story, plot points in synopsis
some of it stretches credulity
Twisted, becomes more and more interesting
Yes a really strange story, which you need to take as a kind of allegory, fantasy, not reality. Yes meaning ...Read more

Billy avatar

What kind of person wants to inhabit other people's lives? An actor. Only with an actor there's not the same type of risk.So he's a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I kept wondering what he was going to do in their position. Would he be a killer? In this case he takes the musician and makes him a ...Read more

Justin avatar

Captivating, but on the slow side. Mathieu Kassovitz's acting carries the film along with his elaborate impersonations. Over all, a really strange story told very well.

Anonymous picture

Very odd, creepy, unbelievable premise. More of an exercise to promote the actor's acting ability. This troubled soul is no comparison to Walter Mitty; and you won't come away feeling better about life either but you might want to take a shower to get the creep off.

Louise avatar

one of the better movies on Kanopy...
definitely worth watching!!

Anonymous picture

I completely agree with Svetana. Also French is spoken slowly and is easy to understand.

Anonymous picture

Very interesting movie, thought provoking, philosophical, meaning of life and price of happiness kind of questions asking, great acting, deeply psychological… I will continue to think about the messages in the coming days.