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Recovering from a Brutal Attack, an Artist Creates a Miniature World

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Louise Bourgeois, the sculptor, said…art is a guarantee of sanity. That's the most important thing I have to say. As an artist and guest teacher in classrooms, I never tell students who are drawing to stop drawing. I just tell them to balance their art with their school work. Art is my ...Read more

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Wonderful documentary of survival, humanity and creativity. I hope he thrives and compassionate and supportive people are always around him.

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Wonderful photo-storytelling. Hope this guy continues to prosper and share his work.

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Absolutely fantastic insight into the life of a true outsider artist. This is a man who lives inside a fantasy that is more honest and introspective than most people's reality. If a myth is a lie that tells the truth, then Hogancamp's world is an epic. 5 stars

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This is a very interesting documentary, and the artist/photographer is a most unique and intriguing talent, although I do honestly think he is "nuttier than a pecan tree". Then again, there is an old saying that the difference between genius and insanity can be quite a fine line, especially ...Read more

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Excellent, insightful film. Truly captured the artist and his need to respond to and live with the brutal attack he survived.

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Wonderfully done; very touching. No need to Hollywood-ize this guy's story, imho. As noted elsewhere, thanks, Kanopy & PGCMLS for making this available. For free, no less!

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What's the difference between this documentary and the movie "Welcome to Marwen", that I just saw in a mainstream movie theater?

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My guess is that somebody saw this critically acclaimed documentary and decided to try to make a big-budget Hollywood film out of it.

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Robert Zemeckis

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I think this is an amazing film and an amazing story! I really loved it and I am happy to have this opportunity to see it through my local library! Thank you so much!

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Interesting documentary. Will be interesting to see how this is portrayed in the Steve Carroll version. I also feel something will be lost in the Hollywood version.

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I was trying to decide whether I'd go see the Steve Carroll version. Watching this I realized that by remaining within the bounds of Mark and his art, the documentary had provided unusual insights into the complexities of human nature, specially of an artist's nature. I'm pretty sure fiction, ...Read more

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"I have no fine motor skills after the incident" *paints a bunch of tiny books and signs for his dolls*
Interesting documentary, and he did go through some stuff, but I don't think he's as physically impaired as he makes himself out to be and it doesn't give him the right to objectify ...Read more

Anonymous picture

artists objectify. it's kind of the point.

objectify verb
ob·​jec·​ti·​fy | \ əb-ˈjek-tə-ˌfī \
objectified; objectifying
Definition of objectify
transitive verb

1 : to treat as an object or cause to have objective reality

2 : to give expression ...Read more

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I have to wonder whether @paige listened to the DA's description of the assault and its sequelae. "He did go through some stuff": yeah, you could put it that way.

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Perhaps if he had a way of relating to real women, he wouldn't feel the need to objectify them. That brief shot from the wedding video where he barely manages to kiss his bride is revealing, I think. Most great artists seem to have had traits that were unacceptable by society's standards.

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This is a beautiful piece of documentary film making, so quietly done. The story is fascinating and the art is remarkable.

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I love how this is about what could be said to be adult bulling, I love how Steve Carroll is going to be in a movie adaptation based on this.