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The Lover
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The Lover

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I've seen it a few times, beautifully shot, uttering enthralling, the true story of a time the author spent with her family as a teenage girl in Indochina. An affair in which this girl first sees as a way to escape the poverty, loneliness, and a deeply disturbing family home becomes a ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Beautifully crafted romantic film, with window into the culture that shapes the characters lives, Jeanne Moreau narrator

Anonymous picture

Agree with the visual beauty of the film. The theme is purposely disturbing--the love and sexual affair of a fifteen year old girl with an older man of another race. Is she the exploited or the exploiter? Some will be bothered by the graphic sex, but it seems necessary as part of the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Beautifully shot, yes. But languid, with whispered narration one could not understand, and personas that showed hardly any emotion as if everything was on a distant level, like floating in a long-ago dream. Unhappy.

Anonymous picture

Beautifully shot film. Just as described, understated and believable, not overly romanticized but not tawdry.

Joy avatar

Good escape movie, loved it ✌????

Anonymous picture

Who called this a romantic comedy? I laughed once, with nervous relief, when it was over.