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The Living End
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The Living End

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Comments (5)

Anonymous picture

This was an independent C movie. Two gay guys realizing the mortality of HIV. The twists, turns, and fears they endured as they moved along the highway made this an interesting film.

Anonymous picture

Very interesting take about the HIV epidemic and the hopelessness that many HIV positive patients felt at the time. Definitely a movie worth watching!

Anonymous picture

For the proper audience!

Chase avatar

'The Living End' is a dark romp through the AIDS epidemic, a gay love story doused in death, sex, and style. A classic "good girl meets bad boy" narrative, but in this case the good girl has just found out he's positive and the bad boy is a pos homicidal hustler. The title of ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Wow, much better than I remembered or expected. A few weak spots, as expected in any lower budget independent film, are far outweighed by the storyline, humor, and attractive cast. Definitely worth watching!