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Life After Manson
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Life After Manson
An Intimate Portrait of a Manson Clan Member

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Comments (5)

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Interesting look back into the life & mind of one of the Manson family

Anonymous picture

“I learned choice.” This line, spoken by harrowing subject Patricia Krenwinkel in her closing statements of the film, are heroic. There is no excusing or extreme detailing of her past violent actions because Krenwinkel already lives with them every day; the short is not an exploitation into a ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A refreshing look at a notorious woman's story!

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Olivia Klaus

I created this film to embody a critical lesson for society and an opportunity for personal reflection as Patricia holds up a mirror to herself to powerfully reveal the lessons she so painfully learned. This in return dares the viewer to do the same.

Anonymous picture

I've seen this film several times, and it always touches me. There is no excuse for the things she has done and by all means I feel she is exactly where she needs to be. She's already gotten her second chance at life-she was originally given a death sentence. However, I do feel that of all ...Read more