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It Had to Be You
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It Had to Be You

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It made me think how much I would rather have been watching "Roman Holiday".

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Cristin Milioti is charming and I want to see her in more movies. The story was a little slow and loopy, but the content was creative and entertaining. I can relate to subject matter as a 30-something female whose friends are all getting married.

Jack avatar

I like it. It's at least a good twist on men/women commitment. Lots of chick flick, pardon the expression, but a woman's thought. Spoiler: she has a new man over and is freshing up and wonders what other woment do and it she's doing it right. Entertaining.

Anonymous picture

Tedious at best.

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I don't often disagree with Judith's reviews, but I do here - a well made, light rom-com, different enough from the standard fare.

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Not good

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aw c'mon it's good clean fun!

Anonymous picture

amusingly predictable. laughed all the way through at the non-surprises.

Anonymous picture

it's a cute movie, but I watched the whole movie hoping she'd come out as a lesbian, spoiler, she doesn't. still good, just don't have that expectation in mind, you'll be dissapointed

Anonymous picture

Cute movie, a standard girl flick of sorts, when you are just needing to distract yourself from your own life. Not the most prolific film in history, but I don't regret watching it.

Huggie Bear avatar
Huggie Bear

Cute movie.

Anonymous picture

Incredibly dull story. Someone should have told her that she is lesbian, stop torturing the poor guy, and date one of her female friends. There is no chemistry between any couples in the movie.

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Anonymous picture

I was off put by the excessive lesbian jokes; felt very lowbrow.

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Cute film! It's nice to know all women aren't trying to catch a husband, she just wanted to enjoy life without a commitment of marriage. To bad she had such a terrible experience in Rome.

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Anonymous picture

Sorry, but this was a total miss for me. Can not get why there are positive reviews here. But I do feel sorry for these 30-somethings who are still floundering and feel a lot more like 20 year olds. And PLEASE -- do I really have to hear/see someone going to the bathroom in the first seconds ...Read more

Rene avatar

A nice simple little rom-com. Clever and lovely.

Anonymous picture

Love this movie; watched it twice on Amazon. For my third viewing here on Kanopy I used the subtitles, which helped in the few places where the characters were mumbling. It's a new twist on the loss of innocence theme. Cristin Milioti was a terrific choice for the gamine leading role; she is ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Cute indie rom-com with enough pluck to keep me interested. Good cast and thankfully not the stereotypical 'girl desperate to be married' story (for most of it at least). My only question is I found it hard to stomach that the 'finding herself' moment in Rome was so woeful. Curious if others ...Read more