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It Came From Kuchar
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It Came From Kuchar - Legendary Twin Filmmakers

Six Shorts
Six Shorts

"It Came From Kuchar gleefully piles on everything that anyone could want in a ocumentary on the fabulous Kuchar brothers." - VARIETY.

In a portrait The New York Times calls "affectionate and fascinating," filmmaker Jennifer M. Kroot examines the lives of legendary filmmaker twins George and Mike Kuchar from their pre-teen filmmaker roots to their emergence in the underground of American Cinema. This playlist features Kroot's feature-length documentary It Came From Kuchar, a hilarious and touching story of artistic obsession, compulsion and inspiration, as well as six short films from the duo and even an introduction by George Kuchar for his 1976 underground comedy A Reason to Live.

Long before YouTube, there were the outrageous, no-budget movies of underground, filmmaking twins George and Mike Kuchar, growing up in the Bronx in the 1950s, and using friends and family as actors. Alongside Andy Warhol in the 1960s, the Kuchar brothers shaped the New York underground film scene. Their films have inspired many filmmakers, including John Waters, Buck Henry, Atom Egoyan, Guy Maddin and Wayne Wang, all of whom are interviewed in the film. It Came From Kuchar interweaves the brothers' lives, their admirers, a history of underground film and a "greatest hits" of Kuchar clips into a mesmerizing stream of consciousness tale.

Cinephiles with a love of queer and experimental tales, students, and film-loving weirdos of every stripe will find plenty to love in Kroot's documentary and the six films, three by George, three by Mike, spanning over 30 years of their filmmaking careers.

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186 mins
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