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In a way, this film is an early version of all those New York-based anthology films focusing on different people whose lives and stories are connected by a common theme; in this case, malevolent forces in an apartment building. Kudos to Argento for pushing the boat out in this regard. ...Read more

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Don't forget about The Bird with the Crystal Plumage. It's one of Argento's best films.
Deep Red must be mentioned, as well. It's not one of my personal favorites, but the general consensus seems to be that it's a masterpiece.
I agree that Inferno isn't great. It has its moment, ...Read more

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Best treated as a series of color-drenched individual set pieces, where the point is to soak in the shadowy beauty of Argento's visions. Big-eyed women wander through craggy, broken basements, and killers splash villains and sets in bright-red poster paint blood. The story goes on too long, ...Read more