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Comments (25)

Anonymous picture

I enjoyed this! Very sweet. Also very, very Connecticut. Pretty spot on there!

Anonymous picture

This was cute, with some good messaging. Worth it!

Anonymous picture

I thought Lynskey (one of my all time favourites) and Abbott were terrific too, but I honestly feel that Blythe Danner is the real reason to watch this sweet film. Yes, I am a woman over fifty.

Anonymous picture

nice, uncomplicated movie. Good music and great acting, esp. Christopher Abbott & Melanie Lynskey.

Anonymous picture

Well made film about an unusual romance, and the characters learnt about themselves. Very enjoyable, and I venture to say that Judith would say 'Good'.

Anonymous picture

Christopher Abbott + Melanie Lynskey are wonderful actors - sweet to see them connected in the film but the casting was a little strange. Nice film, easy watch. Really liked the sentiment about the delayed realization of how the wrong person makes you feel.

Anonymous picture

The film was refreshing and the ending was unexpected.

Anonymous picture

Really sweet movie :)

Anonymous picture

Insipid film with too much twee music. Disappointing because I like all of the actors in it.

Anonymous picture

Loved it. A little predictable, but sweet. Great acting!

Anonymous picture

Sweet, engaging movies. Odd to find it under comedies, because it isn't what I would call a comedy. It had a few comical cringes, but nothing that will keep you rolling in the aisles.
The chief actors were great. Believable, accessible. Very likable film.

Anonymous picture

I like this movie a lot, and I love Melanie Lynskey!

Ira avatar

Very good! Fun, engaging, funny, well acted. Good balance of upbeat and depressing. I love the music of Laura Veirs!

Anonymous picture

I was engaged from beginning to end and appreciated the realistic characters.

Anonymous picture

poignant, well done and great performances

Anonymous picture

I only found out about this 'kanopy' service today so I only skimmed the movie

Kim avatar

Not that impressed. Music was dull, some scenes were cute but it did not emotionally hook me in any way. Seemed to be a disjointed story that was not worth the watch

Anonymous picture

Loved this movie! Subtle and on point.

Gabriela avatar

I enjoyed this "feel good" movie, although it doesn't seem so at first. There is quite a bit of self discovery in more than one character.

Anonymous picture

Pretty good. One of those, "you're not the only one going through a huge life change that has you questioning what's next?" type of film.

Anonymous picture

Had no idea that was a type of film!

Anonymous picture

A nice surprise.

Anonymous picture

complexity vulnerability transition redemption discovery and other good things.

Anonymous picture

I really enjoyed this surprising little gem. One of the best I've seen on Kanopy

Anonymous picture

A fairly engaging movie. Melanie Lynskey plays the role pretty well. She did drop the "f" bomb more times in this movie than I've ever heard out of one mouth before, tho!