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Hard Eight
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Hard Eight

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hard-boiled and tender. loved it every time.

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More than good debut from the son of legendary t.v. horror host Ghoulardi ! A great story about a mysterious person helping out a couple of people who are way less smart than he is. PT Anderson is far more favorable than Wes Anderson. The latter has some great color schemes, however PT gives ...Read more

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Enjoyable, but it feels like the piece of juvenilia it is. Very Tarantino-influenced in its stylized menace, as seemingly every indie film was in 1997. Paltrow does nothing for me as the boilerplate babydoll heroin chic prostitute, also endemic to movies of this era.

Philip Baker Hall ...Read more

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8.5/10 P. S. hoffman's cameo so great. An excellent first film for Anderson.

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not bad. good acting and actors. decent story. for me it was predictable, perhaps I have seen to much absurd human behavior. it seemed like a documentary film to me. but that's just me, worth watching.

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Philip Seymour Hoffman wonderful but in only one scene as a nasty, baiting, redneck gambler; but as in any movie he was in, completely stole it. Gwyneth Paltrow miscast. Otherwise, Nothing likeable about this movie.

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Surprisingly good.

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In this story, just like real life, a very simple act- a cup of coffee and a smoke - can be life altering. Very well written and acted. Sometimes the pace is slow, but when things start happening, it's one surprise after another.