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Hard To Be A God
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Hard To Be A God

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Comments (9)

Juan avatar

If Thomas Pynchon was Russian.

Joe avatar

The devil is definitely in these details. Gross movie. I can't say I got anything from the experience apart from mild nausea.

Anonymous picture

"it's squelchy here"

Brandon  avatar

There are some things you can't un-see. This would one of those things.

Anonymous picture

This one was not my cup of tea.

Anonymous picture

Roger Ebert said it well: Difficult to watch, an undeniable masterpiece!

John avatar

One of the most unique film experiences I've ever had. Puts the viewer in a disturbingly immersive trance

Ryan avatar

I'll listen to anyone with an Aaron Dilloway profile pic about what's disturbing lol. Can't wait to watch it.

Anonymous picture

One of the strangest movies I've seen. Visually mesmerizing - alternately grotesque and beautiful. Without the plot summary on Wikipedia I would not have followed it; regardless it was an amazing experience.