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Half of a Yellow Sun
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Half of a Yellow Sun

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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

Wow, I love a movie that moves me to research historical facts. Superb acting, too!

Anonymous picture

This was a good film about relationships, forgiveness, family,, customs and a war which makes us rethink what else goes on around the world we live in. Loved the strong women. This was also well acted but I did think some aspects of the story were glossed over.

Anonymous picture

It started a little slow, tension built up as the movie progressed. Well worth watching.

Anonymous picture

Sorry, love the cast and Adichie's work, but this script is all over the place. Maybe first-time screenwriter and director? Disappointing.

Karrye avatar

Beautiful film even amidst a violent war!

Nandi avatar

Love, Perfectly written script , More love, Deception, Betrayal and Family Honor all in the midst of a politically torn Nigerian War. I love this film/documentary and its worth investing in.

Anonymous picture

As a fan of Chiwetel Ejiofor, I look for his films. When coming across this period piece, I was not aware of Nigeria's history. I became deeply entangled in this film and am grateful someone told this story.