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Dave Made a Maze
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Dave Made a Maze

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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

Funny, cool art, trippy vibes, etc. Broke the monotony of my typical viewing experience. Good to throw on if you're bored and can't decide what to watch.

Anonymous picture

Watch it for the cardboard art.

Anonymous picture

Trippy and clever but it goes on to long.

Ryan avatar

It's a fantastic idea for a movie, but the execution is a failure. Really hard to stay interested in the plot.

Anonymous picture

Cute, but felt long for some reason.

jeff avatar

I wanted to like this more than I did. They had an interesting idea: guy gets lost in his cardboard box fort. OK, great, but you'll need a bit more for a movie. The characters are annoying & forgettable, the ways you can & can't escape (ie: the plot) seem arbitrary, and there's no ...Read more

Lauren avatar

Such a fun indie comedy. The production design/art direction was so cool! I really loved the world of the maze. It felt like a bunch of comedians made a Michel Gondry film.