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The Collector of Bedford Street
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The Collector of Bedford Street

This Academy Award nominated film stars Larry Selman, the filmmaker's 60-year-old neighbor, a fundraiser and an activist with an intellectual disability. Both a study and a story, the film brings into the classroom a human drama that goes beyond the abstract statistics of intellectual disability, shedding light on how a community builds tolerance and understanding.

Every year Larry collects hundreds of dollars for charity although he lives at the poverty level. When his primary caregiver becomes unable to care for him, his New York City neighborhood rallies together to protect his independent lifestyle by establishing a trust fund on his behalf.

This unique portrait was created by a collaboration between the filmmaker and the subject. Larry makes a case against the biases of ableism and expands our idea of who is disabled.

Comments (3)

Anonymous picture

Alice, thank you so much for such a wonderful film. Larry did leave a mark on this world. I hope that people can come together all over the world, leave differences aside and help each other.

Anonymous picture

Wonderful portrait not only of Larry, but also of his caring neighbors. I heart NYC.

Anonymous picture

You might like to know how his film changed my life. Larry and I had a close friendship, but when he died peacefully in 2013, I thought the story was over. Instead, our block association spent the next two years getting Bedford Street co-named for Larry. If you come to visit, some people ...Read more