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The Ceiling
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The Ceiling

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

Interesting. Plays a bit like one of Kafka's parables, with the ceiling being the absurd element and the swerve in the coda suggesting an unsettling return to normalcy.

Anonymous picture

Weird.....but entertaining.

Anonymous picture

Some good elements, but definitely lost something in translation.

Anonymous picture

Good Ending! How is it that the one who seems to have everything together and is supposedly so content with his life suddenly doesn't know/remember his own home address?? Evidently, he isn't capable of dealing with much stress...!

Aric avatar

Am I supposed to interpret that last bit as Alzheimers? I liked the ending, but feel like somehow the story switched gears before the conclusion.

Iffah Suraya avatar
Iffah Suraya

Who is the weaker one here: the brother going through divorce at the moment, or, the brother who seems contented with his life? At first the answer seems clear, but this film makes us think again. Everything is not what it seems. In life especially, you never know who is the one with real ...Read more