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Anonymous picture

I love documentaries like this one, that give background on a certain aspect of movie making. Now I know what Lynn Stalmaster looks like, after seeing his name on so many shows. And I completely disagree with the director who thinks that casting mavens don't deserve a title or an Oscar. ...Read more

Anonymous picture

If you are at all interested in movies, acting, recent Hollywood history, this is the film to see. The interview with Jon Voight was particularly moving.

Lauren avatar

A really interesting look at profession of casting. It is fun study the film history and see interviews with dozens of the biggest actors in Hollywood but beyond that it was really surprising to learn about the politics and drama that happened behind the scenes and within the industry. These ...Read more

Dylan avatar

If you've ever wondered how actors are chosen for roles, and how once unknown actors like Robert De Niro, Diane Lane, Clint Eastwood and other giants of film were discovered (and what qualities they had that caught the casting agent's eye), watch this film. Not only is it a fascinating window ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Very well done all the way around: the interviews were short and to the point and, unlike a lot of documentaries, were going in a certain direction and had a kind of cohesion instead of being mere fragments. The film is an real insight into film history, particularly at the point where the ...Read more