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Comments (10)

Anonymous picture

Yes. I'm not sold either. Glib and predictable and completely formulaic.

Anonymous picture

Well done!

Anonymous picture

Blahh, I'm not sold on the skinny model- like actors and the lack of the plot in the first half of the movie. Sexual tension only gets you so far.

Anonymous picture

Easy to watch, no complicated twists.

Anonymous picture

You can't sink your teeth into it, but you get the point! I really liked it. Different, not run of the mill.

Anonymous picture

Liked it... seems forgettable, but nice while it lasts.

Anonymous picture

Enjoyed this movie. It is full of hidden messages.

Anonymous picture

very good movie.

Anonymous picture

Interesting, a midlife crisis film with a twist. Worth the watch, however, it can drag on at times. At least they kept it from being explicit.

Anonymous picture

Brillant!! Loaded with passion and suspense, sensual not explicit. The way movies should be made, leaving something to the imagination