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Denise Richards

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Calaveras - Day of the Dead
A 30-minute documentary on the altars that are built to remember and honor the deceased on the Day of the Dead. Popular in Latin America and parts of Asia, this tradition is based on the belief that the spirits of…
Katrina Tails - Reunited with Pets after Hurricane Katrina
Katrina Tails follows a disparate group of New Orleans residents in their efforts to be reunited with their pets in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. We view the events from both sides of the fence: the pet owners' searches and…
Michoacán Fiesta
High in the mountains of Michoacan, the indigenous PureHigh in the mountains of Michoacan, the indigenous Purepecha people continue to practice their ancestral traditions. On the feast day of Corpus Christi, two men from each of the local towns are…